Shelby American


Project Details

Shelby American is a custom performance vehicle manufacturer formed by Carroll Shelby that makes some pretty amazing cars based on Ford models. Unfortunately their current website doesn’t give the same impression their vehicle lineup does.

This is a company that produces cars that can arguably compete with the Ferraris and Porsches of the world, but with their website not standing a chance in the web presence race you’d assume their vehicles would trail behind in other areas. And so, I gave the Shelby American website a radical facelift to really complement how exhilarating these vehicles are.

My take on the Shelby American website highlights their latest marquee model- the Shelby GT350. The current website leaves more to be desired, so I designed the landing page to be bold and striking, just like the GT350 itself. Much of the styling takes cues from the vehicle design, making use of diagonal lines that imitate the GT350’s fender vents and chin spoiler, and stripes of content that subtly shadow the vehicle’s iconic rally stripes. I’d say the end result is one that leaves the old design in the dust.